International Instructor Course Singapore 2015

International Instructor Course Singapore 2015


On 7th and 8th August, I attended my first seminar – International Instructor Course Singapore 2015 which was held at the Civil Service Club. It was conducted and led by Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls and assisted by Master David Lau, Master Alan Stewart and Master Daniel Sng. It was indeed an eye opener for me. There were various black belts from Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan as well as India involved in this seminar. There were many opportunities for us to know one another.  I was only a Yellow Belt and I felt honoured to be a part of this international seminar. Throughout the course of the seminar, I had many opportunities to get to know more Taekwon-Doists.


On day 1, Grandmaster Nicholls focused more on the foundation of our kicks and punches. We were tasked to execute different types of punching drills and trained our basic kicks. It was a very different experience for me.


Master Stewart from Australia also showed us some punching drills and that trained our instincts as the drills were to ensure that we stay focused at all times.


We switched partners from time to time and that gave us the opportunity to interact with other Taekwon-Do members from the different countries. I still remember that I trained with a 2nd Degree Black Belt from Australia – Mr Zane Boltman. He was really patient and guided me along the way.


We closed off Day 1 with Master Sng teaching us a few kicking drills – The Progression of Front Snap Kick and Turning Kick.


Although I did not attend the Welcome Dinner that took place that night, I would like to share that many friends and families of ITC members supported the event.


Day 2 involved different kicking drills that were shown to aid us in our daily training. Grandmaster Nicholls taught us the methods to execute basic kicks properly and gave us advice on the common mistakes of these kicks. There was also a feedback session for us to clarify our doubts.



Lastly, we performed patterns for several colour belts and covered black belt patterns up to 5th Degree. It was indeed a wonderful experience for me to be able to watch all the senior belts performing their patterns with so much power and accuracy. It was truly an inspiring experience for me.


All in all, I felt that this quote by Grandmaster Nicholls really spoke to me and was something that I took away from this seminar.


“Taekwon-Do is an individual sport whereby it displays your attitude in learning martial arts and the character in yourself.  It also helps you to train your discipline in maintaining your fitness.”


Lastly, I would like to thank the President & Chief Instructor of Island Taekwon-Do Centre, Master Daniel Sng as well as Jeremy Sir, Joel Sir and Leng Sir in guiding me in my Taekwon-Do journey.

Edmund Lim

Written by Mr. Edmund Lim, 8th Gup, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2015


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Penang Grand Master Class 2012

Venue: Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel

On the 29th May 2012, Master Sng, accompanied by four other Island Taekwon-Do Centre students went to Penang, Malaysia, to attend a Grandmaster Class Seminar organized by Elite TaeKwon Do Academy (MO#442). The Seminar was conducted by Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa accompanied by the ITF Advisor and various masters from United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

The Masters alongside Grandmaster Choi are namely Master Trevor Nicholls, Master Jim Hogan, Master Poon, Master David Lau, Master Bathi and Master Daniel Sng.

It was undoubtedly an enriching, meaningful and unforgettable experience despite it being only a short one day seminar. For example, we learnt how to utilize our core muscles to generate more force, the vast information on the technical contents of tuls ranging from Chon-Ji to Won-Hyo and many more.

Besides learning a lot about our art, we also forged friendships with brothers and sisters of Taekwon-Do from Malaysia and Hong Kong. ITC members who attended this seminar also had the opportunity to get to know each other better beyond the scope of Taekwon-Do.

We ended our fruitful trip with a free and easy eat-and-shop trip around Pulau Pinang, tasting the many local delights and exploring part of the island itself.

We would like to thank the organizer of this Penang Grandmaster Class, Elite TaeKwon Do Academy (MO#442) for inviting us to learn from the Grandmaster himself as well as from the masters from UK, Hong Kong and Malaysia and for their warm hospitality.

On a side note, we would like to thank Master Daniel Sng for accompanying us for the trip and Mr. Jeremy Tan (2nd Degree), for handling the administrative work before the trip despite his busy schedule. I would also like to specially express my thanks to my school’s HOD of PE for allowing me to attend this trip and to Ms. Carnation Chai for taking care of Gavin and I.

Justin Gan

Written by Mr. Justin Gan, 1st Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2012

International Instructor Course Hong Kong 2010

“If you know one thing through and through, you know everything”, words from ITF President, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, predicated the International Instructor Course (IIC) held in Hong Kong from 15th to 17th October 2010. IIC Hong Kong 2010, conducted to officially certify IV Degree holders as Instructors for grading of students and application of ITF Certifications, was attended by the local practitioners as well as those from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore.

Upon our arrival at Hong Kong International Airport on 15th October 2010, Master Daniel Sng, Mr Jeremy Tan and myself were greeted by the warm reception of Mr Windy Yu (V Degree, Shing Wu Taekwon-Do Association). The IIC commenced on the same night at Queen Elizabeth School Old Students’ Association Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School located in Yuen Long, New Territories.

Following the opening, Master Sng was invited to join the panel of examiners with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, Master Trevor Nicholls (VIII Degree, ITF Secretary General), Master David Lau (VII Degree, Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council President) and Master Dantes Poon (VII Degree, Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council Vice President) in an international black belt grading for practitioners from Australia and Bulgaria. Concurrently, Master Jim Hogan (VII Degree, Hogan’s Institute of Taekwon-Do) and Master Zibby Kruk (VII Degree, ITF Research) conducted exercises and kicking for the participants of IIC.

A principled approach, coherent with Grand Master Choi’s words, was adopted for days 2 and 3 of the course. Focus was placed on fundamentals for efficient execution of techniques coupled with massive amounts of power. Following which, patterns were reviewed and further refined with the enhanced fundamentals by Grand Master Choi with close assistance by Master Nicholls.

Apart from fundamentals and patterns, Master Hogan incorporated numerous sparring drills and fresh exercise routines while Master Kruk introduced the scientific aspect of Taekwon-Do through interesting lectures on perfecting the knife-hand as well as basis of 3-step sparring. Additionally, Master Sng was provided the opportunity to lead the warm-up exercise during day 2 of the course.

On day 2, participants of the course were invited to attend a dinner party at Province Hot-pot and Seafood Restaurant. A scrumptious course dinner was served while Grand Master Choi and the accompanying Masters visited each table for a photo opportunity. The party ended with an attractive lucky draw of Taekwon-Do encyclopedias.

At the end of the course, a VII Degree certificate was awarded to Master Zibby Kruk and following which certification of participation as well as a group photograph was presented to participants of IIC Hong Kong 2010 by Grand Master Choi. An autograph session by Grand Master Choi and the accompanying Masters then followed, concluding the course on a high note.

Subsequent to the course, we managed to meet with one of ITC’s previous member, Mr Hu Bao Ju, who is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Laws at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The evening was spent in reminiscence as well as catching up over a hearty Chinese dinner. We further had a shopping session at a night market and ended the wonderful evening with a supper treat by Mr Hu.

We would like to sincerely thank our wonder host, Hong Kong Original Taekwon-Do Council, for their kind invitation and cordial hospitality. Also, we extend special thanks and congratulations to Master Lau for the success of the event and also gratitude to Mr Yu for his reception. We look forward to participating in the Asia Cup to be held at Hong Kong in July/August 2011.

On a personal note, I am unable to put across my glee in finally attending an overseas trip for Taekwon-Do after so many years, and would like to thank Master Sng for this opportunity. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Jeremy Tan for his assistance in the administration for the trip. Undoubtedly, more than just Taekwon-Do has been gained from this trip; in particular, I managed to learn a lot more about Master Sng and Mr Jeremy Tan through our late night chats, which more often than not involves boisterous laughter and heartfelt conversations.


Written by Mr Derrick Yong, 3rd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore.
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2010


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