International Instructor Course & Master Class 2018

Master Sng, Shaun Sir and I wanted around the area near our hotel the night before the seminar, to look for some interesting food. We found a small market festival where we had some local dishes, and listened to a pair of local radio comedians entertaining a crowd. After our meal, we headed back to the hotel to rest.

The next morning, we met at the hotel to travel to the seminar venue together. Shaun Sir’s uncle graciously drove us all to the training hall. Upon arrival, we all had to register and Master Sng introduced us to many of the other clubs’ instructors and members, particularly from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Hong Kong. We also took some photos with these clubs and it was great to meet so many new people before the seminar began.


There was about 500 people that attended the seminar and once the main procession arrived, we greeted Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa, Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls and the other arrivals. Once they were settled in, we were bestowed with welcome speeches. After which, the visitors were presented with gifts from the host club, and everyone assembled for a group photograph afterward.


With the greetings done, the seminar began. The warm up was done by Master Poon and fundamental movements was taught by Mr Martin. Once these were completed, the two GrandMasters arrived after changing into their doboks. Almost immediately, they took notice of the movements of the participants and started instructing them on the proper way of executing the technique. There was a lot of discussion about application of power by using body mass effectively. This pervaded all the subsequent exercises, and by lunchtime, our muscles were exhausted from all the exertion. We wrapped up the first day of the seminar and headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner. We left the hotel together and traveled to the dinner venue. It was an appreciation meal that was organised by Grandmaster Dato Sabree Salleh, for all members to gather and mingle with the other clubs.


The next morning, everyone was a bit late showing up at the training hall, recovering from the previous day. Today’s training focused more on patterns and we went through a lot of the fundamental issues; such as sine wave and application of power. At the end of the training session, all participants were presented with the attendance certificates. With our certificates, each country lined up together for one last group photograph.

Finally, we travelled to the airport and with a few hours to spare, we were able to squeeze in a hearty local meal and discuss everything we learned. We arrived back in Singapore late at night, quite tired but happy, with all we learned and experienced.

Thank you Master Sng and Shaun Sir for your guidance on this trip!


Written by Mr. Dylan Coughlan, 3rd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2018