Island Taekwon-Do Centre 24th Anniversary Dinner

The highlight event of the year took place on 19th March at Wo Peng Chinese restaurant at Furama Hotel, to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Island Taekwon-Do Centre and 9th anniversary of Sun Hapkido Academy Singapore. Ably led by Chairperson Joel Mok Sir with his merry band of men and women for an evening of fun, festivities and friendship on an international adventure. Good food and good company what more could you ask for? Fancy dress? Entertainment? Quiz? Door gift? And who could forget the lucky draw? The evening had the lot! We were spoilt for choice.


The evening opened with a short address by Master Sng thanking everybody for their support over the year and wishing them a very special and enjoyable evening. The event was officially open and it was on with the celebrations! Emcee Madam Carnation took it in her stride to guide us through the evening’s programme, Singapore’s got talent eat your heart out. A sumptuous 8 course Chinese banquet was the cuisine of the evening and didn’t disappoint, an excellent menu and plenty to go round, no chance of going hungry tonight!


The entertainment was kicked off by Dominic who gave a fantastic performance of the theme from Jurassic Park on his trumpet, it was like you were back in 1993 listening to it in the movies being chased by a T-rex. Remarkable was that Dominic had on been learning the instrument for 1 year, plenty to blow your own trumpet about! Next up was quiz master Beow Sir with Part 1 of know your club members, a series of searching questions designed to test us all. Who would have thought that Jeremy Sir wanted to be a doctor but was scared of needles and Shaun Sir had a dream that monsters were attacking him? Crazy stuff!


Following on was Justina with a heart-warming rendition of Aunty Karen’s favourite song, The Scientist by Coldplay, which she had heard while watching the movie Wicker Park. A superb effort and one worthy of an X-Factor finalist place it had the whole room on the edge of their seats. Wrapping up the entertainment was Part 2 of Beow’s quiz,


The hotly contested fancy dress, well couldn’t have been more hotly contested, a grand effort by all who entered with a truly international flavour. Appearances included dress from China, Japan, India, Singapore, UK and a tenuous Thai entry (Derrick sir it was noted!). A frantic voting period ensured where lots of mingling took place with those entering trying to get those last few votes. A few new names to faces were also confirmed, some still opted for the descriptive… lady in the union jack dress! After a tense count each category was narrowed down to 2 people with a head to head on stage with a panel of 3 judges deciding from the better of 2 poses.


This year’s winners were: Best Junior Female – Scarlett, Best Junior Male – David, Best Adult Female – Emma and Best Adult Male – Shaun. Notable was that David successfully kept the crown for the 3rd year running and there was even a royal appearance during the judging!


Full of sumptuous food what more could you ask for? Lucky draw of course. Many fabulous prizes were on offer for some lucky members of ITC and SHAS. There was even a subconscious recruitment drive with one SHAS member winning a Taekwon-Do Master Class DVD (hope to see you in class soon)! A special thank you to all the sponsors who donated prizes for the lucky draw, your support was greatly appreciated.


The event was rounded off with the traditional anniversary cake where everyone was able to share in the chocolaty goodness. Some could have been fooled that the cake should have gone into orbit with the size of the candle strapped to the top of it.


A big thank you to Master Sng for his guidance and for keeping ITC & SHAS up and running all these years. Also to the organising committee for this year: Joel Mok (Chairperson), Derrick Yong, Shaun Chua, Justina Sun, Yuki Fung, Carnation Chai and Leng Weng Heng. A special mention to Justin Gan who helped organise but was unable to attend due to prior commitments, something about playing with boats and defending a nation!

I had a wonderful time and I look forward to next year’s dinner!


Written by Mr. Mark Glendinning, 2nd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2016