Guest Visits: Mr Ken-ichi Nonaka’s Annual Visit 2016

KN 2016

On the 17th of March, a very familiar friend graced Island Taekwon-Do Centre. Mr. Ken-ichi Nonaka, 5th Degree Black Belt from ITF-Matsumoto, Japan, paid us a visit. He conducted the 8.30pm Taekwon-Do class and we were lucky enough to have Dennis Sir assisting the class because he was able to translate Ken-ichi Sir’s instructions to us.

The class started off with a simple warm-up, it was very fast paced as we did several exercises in quick succession. We were next shifted to the end of the dojang for some cardio exercises such as running, jumping and kicking exercises.

I personally remember some of these exercises when training in Matsumoto last year. Some of the exercises were more complicated but many of the students did not give up and tried their best to complete the drills. Ken-ichi Sir also patiently went through the drills whenever he saw difficulties faced by our students.

After a short water break, we partnered up and did some kicking drills, conditioning and stretching. We started off doing stretches with our partners before attempting a combination of kicking techniques with speed. The techniques that were taught, I felt were very useful during sparring sessions.

We ended the class with Ken-ichi Sir teaching us the idea of power generation. How we can generate the power and the “one-inch punch”. The idea was to use the twist to extend our punch further and with more power. It was something new and I hope many of the students could have a good take away from that.

I would like to thank Mr Ken-ichi Nonaka for being so supportive and coming to Singapore annually to share with us his techniques as well as to catch up.


Written by Mr. Joel Mok, 2nd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2016


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