Guest Visits: Mr Ken-ichi Nonaka’s Annual Visit 2015

A most enjoyable part of being a member of the Island Taekwon-Do Centre (ITC) is the many friendships that I found in the course of my training.

Members of ITF-Matsumoto have been good friends of ITC for years, and we are proud to host them once again this year.

Mr. Ken-ichi Nonaka and students from ITF-Matsumoto visited Singapore between 20th and 24th March 2015.

On 21st March, their visit started with the ITC 23rd and Sun Hapkido 8th Anniversary Dinner, celebrated to the theme of “Back to School”, at HooHa Café on West Coast Highway on a Saturday evening. They were treated to a sumptuous spread in the form of a buffet dinner, while past and present students of ITC and Sun Hapkido put up entertaining performances. Members of ITC, Sun Hapkido and the visiting members of ITF-Matsumoto got to know each other, and shared their interests and experience in martial art training. To add on, Hooha cafe really felt like a school reunion with guest dressed in uniforms, sports attire and kimonos to name a few. The evening ended with the cutting of the Anniversary Cake after the exciting lucky draw.

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The following day, members of ITC and ITF-Matsumoto assembled at ITC Dojang for the training they were all eagerly looking forward to. Master Daniel Sng conducted a thoroughly enjoyable and grueling 4-hour training session which consisted of static and dynamic exercises, patterns, drills and free sparring.

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Finally ending off the training with an exciting belt relay putting the ITC team against the ITF-Matsumoto team with jumping jacks on the line. I could see that the Matsumoto team gave their all for the game and never gave up despite being relatively new to the content. In the end, both teams did the jumping jacks together.

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That evening, members of ITC and ITF-Matsumoto came together for dinner at the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant at Keppel Road. Members of ITF-Matsumoto were introduced to the night view of Singapore as they enjoyed their dinner. Special thanks to Mr Riki Yong for arranging the dinner for all of us to gather have a meal together

On Tuesday the 24th, Mr. Ken-ichi Nonaka and students from ITF-Matsumoto and ITC once again gathered at the dojang for their last training session from 7pm to 8.30pm before their flight back to Japan. After supper at terminal 3, we bid farewell to our good friends and training partners from Japan.

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We at ITC are honoured to have been able to host them for a short but nevertheless enjoyable training holiday, and we look forward to seeing them again.


Written by Mr. Beow Qi Zhao, 2nd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2015


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