Island Taekwon-Do Centre’s Annual Taekwon-Do Championships (Part 2), was held on Saturday 24th of May 2014 at the ITC Dojang, featuring sparring and power-breaking events. The event drew many new participants who were taking part in a tournament for the first time, and their athletic abilities really shone throughout the competition with speed, strength, power, and techniques in both sparring and power-breaking.


We kicked off the day with falling in and bowing to Master Sng to signify the start of the competition, followed by reciting the tenants of Taekwon-Do, Student’s Oath, Participants Oath as well as the Umpire’s Pledge before a warm up session led by Hubert Sir.


The Sparring categories started first and burst with fast-paced activity as competitors struck with speed and moved quickly. Even as participants waited on the side-lines to be called up for their next match, onlookers closely observed the techniques and finesse of their fellow sparring competitors. First-timers to sparring were in awe as fists and feet flew, and even experienced fighters were amazed by the renewed speed and energy of others brought out by the intense atmosphere of a competition.


The under-12s were the first to warm up the sparring ring as they threw many various technique and combination of kicks and punches. It is great to see them having such a competitive spirit so young; they all have great potential to do well.


The Senior categories followed after, there were many impressive fighters in the ring showing off their many different techniques. Notably, worthy of admiration was Mr Jervis Chong, who went through 3 consecutive, gruelling rounds of 2 minutes due to a draw in results. He, as an 8th Gup, really embodied true perseverance and indomitable spirit even though he was not feeling up to his best that day.


Next up was the Team Sparring event. This was the first time ITC has implemented the team sparring in the Annual Championships. It is really sparring with a twist as some planning and strategy was required. My team, Team America Season 2, sparred through the exciting and challenging rounds and eventually emerged as the champion. It was a truly interesting event and I look forward to having more such team events to incorporate teamwork, strategy as well as a higher level of challenge for all of us!


Power-breaking was an eye-opening event as well. The rush of power into a striking motion onto tile or plank left participants with a feeling of strength. The loud smashing of tiles and planks amazed competitors each time. Everyone was overall impressed by the amount of force in each technique. Expectedly, the difficult Jumping Back Piercing Kick also demonstrated and brought out the highest level of skill of the participants, some even surprising themselves, and leaving all in awe.


ITC’s second part to the Annual Championships 2014 was a very exciting event for all. No matter the amount of experience, each competitor was impressed by every event and the abilities of their peers. Fast and powerful, the competition is surely one of the big highlights of the year, and left inspiring impressions on both participants and onlookers.


On behalf of every participant and spectator I would like to thank the Organizing Chairperson, Mdm Carnation Chai for putting together a seamless and safe event, as well as the Organizing Committee for putting much time and effort into making sure we get the best experience possible. Indeed we all also are thankful to Master Sng for supervising the event and providing the Dojang for the event. I hope there will be many more tournaments and participants in the following years to come! Taekwon.

Allen Wang

Written by Mr. Allen Wang, Junior Black Belt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2014


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