Island Taekwon-Do Centre (ITC) held the first part of the Taekwon-Do Annual Championship 2014 at its Dojang and headquarters on Saturday 22th of March, 2014, with Mdm Carnation Chai being the Chairperson.

This is my first ever Taekwon-Do Championship and it is completely not what I have expected. Having joined ITC not more than 3 months ago, I am relatively new to the martial art. I was simply awed by the performances of the Senior Black Belts in which some have achieved new records! The organising committee did a fantastic job keeping everyone in order for their respective events.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships 2014

We kicked off the day with the opening ceremony in which Master Daniel Sng – President and Chief Instructor of Island Taekwon-Do Centre, gave an opening speech and also welcoming a special guest – Mr Ken-ichi Nonaka (5th Degree Black Belt) from ITF Japan – Matsumoto. It was followed by the recital of the Tenets of Taekwon-Do, Umpire’s Oath and Participant’s Oath. After which Gavin Soon Sir led the warm up exercises before commencing the photo taking session.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships 2014


Annual Taekwon-Do Championships 2014Annual Taekwon-Do Championships 2014

The very first event of the day was the Individual Patterns category in which we had to perform the respective patterns from our belt level. It started off with the junior colour belts performing their respective patterns. One could definitely see the concentration in their eyes and movements.

I must say, it was completely different as compared to practicing during normal training sessions with Joel Mok Sir. While performing my pattern out there in the ring, the pin-drop silence along with everyone else watching you really sets hearts racing. The umpires’ watchful eyes were monitoring every step that I made.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships

Thankfully I did not mess up my steps and maybe Lady Luck was smiling upon me that day; I eventually emerged with a Gold medal in my Individual Patterns category. Thank you Jeremy Tan Sir for convincing me to take part! It was a great experience.

Annual Taekwon-Do ChampionshipsAnnual Taekwon-Do Championships

For the 3rd Degree Black Belt Individual Patterns Category, Master Daniel Sng was the Chief Umpire. We were honoured to have Ken-ichi Nonaka Sir as a guest umpire for this and several following categories. Also Shaun Chua Sir, a 4th Degree Black Belt at Island Taekwon-Do Centre umpired for this category.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships

The second event of the day was Team Patterns, in which a team of three had to perform a specific pattern from their most junior belt level. Team Patterns are harder to perform as compared to Individual Patterns because everyone has to coordinate their movements precisely as well as display a high level of teamwork via designated choreography in the pattern.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships Annual Taekwon-Do Championships

First team to compete was Team 123, consisting of Jeremy Tan Sir (3rd Degree Black Belt), Joel Mok Sir (2nd Degree Black Belt) and Gavin Soon Sir (1st Degree Black Belt). Their team’s coordination and break was executed perfectly and flawless, in my point of view.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships I led Team White, which consisted of Mr. Ezra Sim, Mrs. Felicia Sim and myself. It was especially hard for me, as I had to learn to give commands in Korean. Unfortunately I made mistakes in my patterns while trying to recall the command for “return to original position” (ba lo 바로) instead of thinking about the next move. It probably cost my team the victory and I felt disappointed with myself because I had let my team down. Nevertheless, there’s always Part 2!

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships _Tsai Min Yi (66) Annual Taekwon-Do Championships


The third event was the start of Special Techniques – Flying Front Kick. Participants were given a short distance to run, jump and kick a high target. I really admire the children; some of them could even jump higher than me!



The main highlight of this event was Gavin Soon Sir breaking the previous height record (set by Jesu Anthony). The suspense in the dojang built up with every round he went because if he missed once, he would be out. His previous record was 240cm and this time, he managed to hit 250cm! All of us in the dojang witnessed it and applauded loudly as he brought this event to a fantastic close. It was truly awe-inspiring for me to witness this record breaking moment.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships

The last event of the day was Special Techniques – Flying Side Kick. Differing from Flying Front Kick, the competition was in the distance leapt over before correctly performing a Flying Side Kick. Participants would have to run, jump over a barrier and kick the target. Similarly, I was also amazed that both Joel Mok Sir and Tan Yee Jiat Sir managed to jump 3.5 metres and kick the target successfully!

Annual Taekwon-Do ChampionshipsAnnual Taekwon-Do Championship

I’m sure all the participants went home with a smile on their faces because everyone did their best!

Annual Taekwon-Do ChampionshipsAnnual Taekwon-Do Championships

Annual Taekwon-Do ChampionshipsAnnual Taekwon-Do Championships _Tsai Min Yi (290)

Also, A Special Thank You to the organising committee who made this championship possible.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships

Organising Committee
Chairperson: Mdm Carnation Chai
Vice-Chairperson: Mr Derrick Yong
Advisor: Mr Jeremy Tan
Treasurer: Miss Yuki Fung
Technical Chairperson & Chief Umpire: Mr Shaun Chua
Designer: Mr Dennis Wan
Administrator: Miss Justina Sun
Head of Logistics & Umpire: Mr Joel Mok
Logistics Co-ordinator: Mr Justin Gan

Umpires – Mr Tan Yee Jiat, Mr Calvin Eng and Mr Gavin Soon.

Annual Taekwon-Do Championships
Special Guest – Mr Ken-ichi Nonaka from ITF Japan – Matsumoto.

Last but not least, thank you Master Daniel Sng for making Island Taekwon-Do Centre a great place to not only learn Taekwon-Do but to also grow as a person and forge new friendships.
Overall, it was an eye-opening, phenomenal experience. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at Part 2 of ITC’s Annual Championships on 24th May 2014! For now, let’s keep training and keep getting better!


Poon Jun Hong

Written by Mr. Poon Jun Hong, 10th Gup, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2014


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