Mr. Noel Keating visit to Island Taekwon-Do Centre

Recently, Island Tae-Kwon-Do Centre had the opportunity to play host to a group of fellow ITF members, Mr. Noel Keating, Ms Simone Warner and Mr. Kye Todd, who were returning to Australia after a trip to several places around the world promoting International Tae-Kwon-Do Federation as part of their International Seminar.

During their visit, Mr. Noel Keating, gave the ITC students an insight into the curriculum created and used by the students in Australia. The entire lesson was based on self-defence and its application on a day to day basic. Starting with basic techniques such as breaking out from a simple wristlock, to complicated ones such as “The Flipper”, which is a favourite of mine. Mr. Noel Keating conducted two lessons on the day that he visited us. One for the normal class which covered basic self-defence techniques and the other for the black belt class in which we went through the advanced self-defence techniques that covered situations involving weapons.

The session gave us an overview of the basic techniques upon which the advanced and complicated movements shown in all the fancy movies were based upon. It all came down to starting with a basic wrist lock. From there we were shown, and worked from, how a basic wrist lock could be used in different situations, such as disarming a person armed with a knife, stick or any form of weapon. Locks such as the Hammerhead lock, or Figure-Four lock were based upon joint manipulation similiar to the joint manipulation used in the basic wrist lock, except that it was based on another part of the body and another joint.

In the short span of a few mere hours, Mr. Noel Keating managed to provide us with an incredible overview and insight into the self defence techniques used by people all around the world. During the lesson, he mentioned something stuck in my mind, “As long as you learn one new thing, be it a completely new technique or a simply another variation of one that you already know, then I’ve done my job.” He is one instructor I won’t forget. Thanks for the lesson Mr. Noel Keating.

Written by Mr. Owain Lim, 1st Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore.
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2011

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