11th World Taekwondo Festival (2010) Welcome Message

Welcome to the beginning of WI Taekwondo

With your consistent interest and support, we have been able to hold World Taekwondo Festivals for over a decade now. As we prepare for the 11th festival, it is with great excitement that we look forward to seeing you once again to confirm our love and passion for Taekwondo, as well as the firm friendship that exists among us. With the backing and support given to us by you, we strive to improve every year, making the event more agreeable and enjoyable for all.

For the 2008 Festival we invented the phrase “WI are one through Taekwondo.”, meaning “WI” as a newly combined concept of the WTF and the ITF hoping these two organizations would form a sporting community of harmonious co-existence. In a continuance of that year‘s first step in the cooperation between Taekwondo’s governing bodies, the 11th World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Classic Open will be held in conjunction with one of the biggest events in the ITF calendar, the “Taekwon-Do ITF World Championships: 9th Junior, 15th Adult and 1st Senior.”

At present, WTF Taekwondo is an Olympic sport whereas ITF Taekwon-Do is not. The two forms differ in that WTF Taekwondo is primarily foot based, and ITF Taekwon-Do incorporates both hands and feet. Like wrestling seen in the Olympic games, which practices greco-roman style and free style, it is our wish that ITF Taekwondo-Do will also gain recognition as a separate category of Olympic Taekwondo. There is no need to combine the two different styles. With the realization of this wish, more medals will be won by more Taekwondo players and more countries, in this marital art.

We hope you will join the WI Taekwondo Festival in the homeland of Taekwondo to witness the unification of 60 million WTF and 30 million ITF members. Please enjoy this opportunity to meet friends from both communities through our common language, Taekwondo.

Visit to Korea ITF Seoul Training Centre

On the 19th of March 2010, I had the honor to visit and train at the KITF dojang in Seoul, South Korea managed by Cho Yeong-Deok Sabum Nim, Director of ITF Seoul and Director of the ITF-Korea national demonstration team.

The evening training session started with a light warm-up which then progressed to a series of kicking drills. During the kicking drills the students executed 360s, 540s, reverse 540s and a host of many other special techniques usually only seen at Taekwon-Do demonstrations. One of the blackbelts also demonstrated an impressive breaking technique, a series of mid-air kicks in a single sommersault jump which hit 3 targets before landing. However, what impressed me the most was the humble attitude of the blackbelts. Even though they possessed good skills they did not come across as proud and arrogant. They were true martial artists who understood the “DO” in Taekwon-Do.

The second half of his training focused on counter attack sparring techniques. I clearly remembered a funny moment during the class when one of the blackbelts jokingly asked why was it that Cho Sabum Nim kicked him with so much force during the sparring drill demonstration while he kicked me, their overseas guest so gently. Cho Sabum Nim who had an good sense of humour quickly shot back that the reason for the harder kick was simply because their relation of master and student was much closer. After hearing that his blackbelts joking cried that if that were the case they no longer wished to be that close to their instructor, leading to much laughter in the dojang.

The final part of the training session focused on ITF tuls (patterns). After performing several blackbelt patterns as a class, Cho Sabum Nim helped to review my 4th degree tuls and shared with me tips to further improve my techniques.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Cho Sabum Nim and his students for the kind and warm hospitaility which they showed to me at their dojang and I look forward to the day when I can return to train with them in Korea.

Written by Mr. Jonathan Sun, ITF-Singapore

© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2010

ITF Singapore Instructor visits ITF Seoul

조나단 사범님이 한국에와서 초라한 저희 도장에서 수련을 같이 하였습니다.

열악한 시설에서 손님을 맞는 것 같아서 미안한 마음이 들었습니다.

같은 나라도 아닌 먼 나라에서, 서로 다른 환경속에서 수련한 태권도인이같은 동작을 수련하는 것을 보면서,참 뿌듯하다는 느낌이 들었습니다.

조나단 사범님과 같은 훌륭한 태권도인이 있기에 종주국인 한국의 태권도인들은 더욱 큰 자부심을 느끼는 것 같습니다.

조나단사범에게  진심이라고 꼭 전해주세요.

조나단 사범님,

몇달 뒤에 있을 세계선수권대회에서 만날때 까지 跆拳一身 하세요.

–  서울에서 조영덕 사범  보냄

Written by Mr. Cho Yeong-Deok, Managing Director ITF-Seoul


© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2010