Last month, my parents and I decided that I would go to the UK to study, and take my O levels and A levels.  Within 3 days of posting up the message on Facebook, my email was flooded with friends and relatives asking me questions and other things. As my father told Master Sng, I suddenly realized that it might be a long time before I got to train again. The same day, Master Sng requested to take me out for dinner, before I leave. I was quite surprised, as I had not been very participative in all of the events.

The dinner was held at Seoul Garden, at City Square Mall. I was quite fascinated by the computer screens at each table, which served as the menu. I even managed to surprise some people with the fact that I was actually 15! The food was good, and I made a few new friends at the dinner. There was even a competition between two tables to see who could eat more food!

After the dinner was over, I was presented a card, containing the best wishes of many of my fellow ITC members. On the card, Master Sng also wrote one of his many quotes – “The test isn’t the test. Getting ready for the test is the test.” I was also presented a box tied with a ribbon, obviously tied by a girl, which contained a blue scarf. I really appreciate it and do believe it will serve me well in the UK. I appreciate all the time and effort put in by Master Sng to teach me discipline, and will treasure the learning for the rest of my life. I also appreciate the effort my fellow ITC members to quickly organize the dinner, and I thank all of them for their best wishes. I will come back to train when I can, and will certainly miss everyone.

Written by Mr James Huang, 1st Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore.
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2009

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