On 21th September 2009 -Monday, holiday due to Hari Raya Puasa on the 20th Sept. (Sunday). a group of our ITC family had a lunch get together at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant at Shaw Plaza, for an opportunity to catch up before I leave Singapore for an indefinite (hopefully, short) period of time.

Sakura, by its name is a Japanese Restaurant but the variety of food ranges from japanese, chinese, and even western foods. There are these japanese sushi, maki and sashimi, where I found out that Sir (Master Sng) liked salmon sashimi, same as me. yummy! :P There are also the chinese and even local foods like roast duck, siew mai, soft shell crabs, oysters, all these sea foods and even otah. We also had the “clips” that we clip on the buffet line for the cook-to-order foods, like the beef stake, wagyu beef, fried salmon and many more. And these foods just keeps coming and coming. Not forgetting the wonderful and delicious desserts like fruits, cakes and ice creams.

The food was overwhelming, its like I ate my breakfast, lunch and dinner all together that time. We had fun and enjoyed as we eat together, chat and take photos. We finished our lunch past 2pm, and we had a group picture before we part ways.

It has been a enjoyable and wonderful day for all, specially for me. I would like to thank you all for this get together and opportunity, specially to Sir (Master Sng) for the continuous support and guidance you have given me these 2 years of my stay with this wonderful Taekwon-Do family.

Written by Mr. Anthony Yang, 1st Gup, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2009

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