Island Taekwon-Do Centre 17th Anniversary Dinner

Date: 14/3/2009, Venue: Quality Hotel

This is my first time attending the anniversary dinner of Island Taekwon-Do Centre since I joined the club in 2007. I’ve enjoyed it very much. The dinner started after a warmth welcome by Mr. Martin Goerg. And this year, the opening speech was given by the chairperson of the event, Ms. Justina Maria Sng.

Our very own member, Glen Liu began the performances of the night with a Chinese song named “Man should not make the Woman cry”. And I remembered Mr. Martin commented, “What if its tears of joy?” which left everyone laughing. Then the performance continued with Mr. Steven Slater’s Family Band with his son, Joshua playing the drum while his friend, Sam led the band with electric guitar and solo singing! It was indeed well-played!

The night’s performances were brought to a close by one “surprise show” which Master Daniel Sng had specially arranged for the dinner – The Chinese Mask-Changing! I remembered all the children gathering in front of the stage, each was excited and impressed with the skillful and swift changing of “faces”.

Not to forget about was the lucky draw sessions of the night! In fact, one of the biggest winners even used a baby pram to carry all six prizes! And finally Master Sng gave yet another inspiring speech that concluded the 17th Anniversary Dinner 2009.

I think the dinner was a great success and I truly felt that ITC is far more than just being a training centre for Taekwon-Do, where we improve our physical stamina and mental strength, but a warm and happy home of a big united family. Ever since I joined ITC, I have benefited a lot through Master Sng’s moral teachings. As he always says “Taekwon-Do is not about fighting but self-discipline and self-improvement. After all, it’s not important to win others but more so to win one’s self”. I’m really honoured to have joined this big family at ITC and I look forward to the next anniversary dinner.

Thank you Sir! Taekwon!

Written by Mr. Jiang Sijian, 1st Gup, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2009

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