Mr. Krishna Reddy’s visit to Island Taekwon-Do Centre

On the evening of Tuesday, 14th October 2008, we had the honour of having Mr. Krishna Reddy grace our Dojang with his presence. Mr. Reddy is a 3rd Degree Black Belt from New Zealand, and heads his own club there.

After Master Sng introduced him to the class, our guest addressed us, giving a brief account of his background, and pleasantly offered to share his experience with us.

He then kindly consented to lead the class, starting off with some stretching, followed by breathing and fundamental exercises. He guided us through various hand and kicking techniques, demonstrating as he did so.

Soon, Mr. Reddy started on patterns. As he emphasized on fitness, we were to do sets of exercises after every pattern. He followed this by basic techniques and bag kicking. It definitely was a good chance to polish up on our basics, and a good workout!

Unfortunately, time did not permit the enjoyable lesson to continue after we completed all colour belt patterns. We thanked Mr. Reddy for his valuable insight into Taekwon-Do, and proceeded to have a photo-taking session with him.

It is always a pleasure to have visitors come to our Dojang, to learn from each other. It reminds me that although Taekwon-Do practitioners may come from all parts of the world, we all share a common goal to better ourselves and the society.

I am grateful to our instructor, Master Daniel Sng, for constantly giving us opportunities to learn. Of course, I would also like to extend the thanks to Mr. Krishna Reddy, for being selfless in his teachings, and wish him an enjoyable stay in Singapore.

Written by Mr. Shaun Chua, 2nd Degree Blackbelt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2008

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