Balwyn, Australia ITF Training Report

On the 10th of March, at 6pm, we set off for Balwyn Sports Centre in Balwyn, Australia.

Thoroughbred Taekwon-Do, helmed by Master Muleta, had a branch in Balwyn, which was led by instructors Justin and Corey Chin, as well as Andrew Kung.

Andrew Kung, who was also our gracious guide, invited the Singapore team to join them for the evening’s training.

We, the Singapore team, comprised of Sir, Jeremy, Weiling, Mrs Goh, Jieming, Zhao Qi, Jonathan, and myself, were of course excited to go. None of us had been to Balwyn before. It was an excellent opportunity to learn from our fellow Taekwon-Do-ists, in all three aspects of the word.

It was a thankfully cool evening when we arrived at the quiet and peaceful Centre, which was in front of a big, scenic field. As the students began coming in, I appreciated that Taekwon-Do members are always friendly to each other; smiles and nods of acknowledgement and respect from both the ITC and Balwyn students were natural.

Sir happily accepted the invitation to take the class and we started off with stretching and conditioning as warm-ups. After a short break and a little mingling with each other, we went through colour belt patterns with much zest and motivation. Pad-kicking was next, and I noticed good techniques even from the junior members.

Unfortunately time flew and we ended the class with a last set of exercises. The Black Belts stayed back and we practiced the Black Belt Patterns together after. Ending the training around 9.30pm, the Singapore team thanked Balwyn’s instructors for the wonderful experience.

Expectedly, it was a very fulfilling training that everyone enjoyed, our drenched doboks bearing witness. One student commented, “This is the type of training we need!”

Certainly, all of us carried home good memories of Balwyn, and will definitely visit again when there is an opportunity.

On behalf of the Singapore team, I’d like to thank Balwyn Taekwon-Do, and Sir for giving us a greater insight into the spirit of Taekwon-Do shared all over the world.


Written by Mr. Shaun Chua, 2nd Degree Black Belt, ITF Singapore.
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2008

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