1st Island Taekwon-Do Centre Weekend Camp at the Dojang

ITC recently had our very first weekend dojang camp on the 15th and 16th of December 2007. A total of 20 participants turned up on Saturday evening for a night of fun and games including Mr. Daniel Sng himself.

There were games for everyone. The adults and teenagers engaged themselves in the game, Twister. It tested our endurance and flexibility as our hands and feet got tangled up over and over again!

The younger members spent their time playing games like Counter-strike with each other. They also competed with each other on the Nintendo Wii and their Playstation Portables.

Soon, the crowd mixed around and took turns at the activities; it was an endearing sight to see them like brothers and sisters laughing with one another. Some preferred to relax, sitting around, chatting and just enjoying the happy atmosphere.

Time seemed to enjoy itself, too. Some of the energetic youngsters were so engrossed that they did not turn in until 5am in the morning! The others, probably in preparation for the next day, were comfortably asleep on the very blue mats we train on.

We had breakfast the next morning before we started the day off with 2 hours of intensive training led by Sir, followed by a grateful lunch.

After lunch, we gathered in a huge circle and played some games organised by Shaun and Glen. The games tapped on everyone’s concentration, co-ordination and memory! Some took longer to respond, but everyone enjoyed themselves. The unlucky ones had to do forfeits such as turning around a bat in circles till we got dizzy, jumping jacks and jump double front kicks. All in all, it drew much laughter and definitely some envious looks from the other members who were training.

The camp then commenced with a debrief by Sir and The Last Exercise. We were all exhausted but enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, grateful, and hoping to attend the next one soon.

Written by Ms. Maria Sng, 1st Degree Blackbelt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2007

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