ITF Sri Lanka Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre

On 4th & 5th December 2007, we had a surprise guest visit from Schiekkhoune-Do Federation (Sri Lanka). In total, there were 9 members, which included 3 young ladies. The aim of their visit was to learn ITF-style patterns and training so as to develop their association & to be affiliated to ITF.

Our visitors were clearly held in awe with regards to our warm-up exercises as well as our students’ knowledge of Taekwon-Do. Amidst the communication boundaries, we managed to use practical actions to demonstrate instead of using words.

With a short training stint & language barriers, only basic fundamental movements and lower belt ITF-patterns were covered. Nonetheless, it is Step One for our visitors to be involved and begin their journey into ITF. At Island Taekwon-Do Centre, we hereby wish them all the best in their journey towards the original Taekwon-do, International Taekwon-do Federation.

Written by Mr. Jeremy Tan, 1st Degree Blackbelt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2007

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