Mr. Ron M. Glaves’s Visit to Island Taekwon-Do Centre

Tuesday, 10th July 2007. Markets were pounding with the cable rising to new 26-year heights. Pre New York opening, I left the office for Island Taekwon-Do Centre in high spirits too. Mr. Ron M. Glaves from Fort Nelson Taekwon-Do Hapkido was visiting us and conducting a training session that night.

Since I started learning taekwon-do with my 4-year old son, Russell, about 2 months ago, that was the first time we were training with a visitor from overseas. Mr Glaves is a third degree blackbelt in both martial arts and is based in Fort Nelson B.C. Canada.

The class commenced promptly started at 7pm. After some warming up and stretching exercises, Mr. Glaves went on to get us to practice a series of combination punches and blocks, carefully explaining the the purpose of each of the techniques and their possible variations. The theme of the night’s training is self-defence. We learned that even if you are a very experienced martial arts practitioner, the best way of getting out of a situation is to talk your way out. We had breakout sessions into smaller groups to have a one-on-one practice with our seniors.

This marked my maiden training with an overseas instructor. Very insightful! I learnt the difference in taekwon-do that is practised in his country. For example, cordialities include greeting with both hands by their side, their basic guarding block is higher, fist just below the jaw line while ours is at chest level. But, the key takeaway of the training session is ultimately the self-defence techniques we have learned!

Before the class ended, while everyone was busy setting up the chairs for the photo-taking session, my son suddenly ran infront of Mr. Glaves, performing a guarding block and a front snap kick on him. Before I could react to the situation, Mr. Glaves actually played along with him and pretended to fall down on the mat. Everyone was delighted to see the ‘soft’ side of him. We later found out that he started his 2 daughters on taekwon-do when they were only two! And at the age of 16 now, they are already National champions for the past five years.

Although my initial intention for starting Russell with taekwon-do is just to strengthen his body and exhuast this hyperactive kid’s energy, I realised that taekwon-do is also about character-building as it cultivates the mind, including shaping one’s mentality and spiritual values.

I want to thank Island Taekwon-Do Centre for giving me the opportunity to boarden my understanding of this field of martial arts and I look forward to Mr. Glaves next visit to Singapore!

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Written by Carnation Chai, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2007

Master Trevor Nicholls Visits Island Taekwon-Do Centre

30th June 2007, Saturday was not a day of business as usual at Island Taekwon-Do Dojang. You would have seen students and their instructors in attendance but the difference lay in the presence of Master Trevor Nicholls, head of Imperial Taekwon-Do Association and Secretary General of ITF.

Master Nicholls is an 8th Dan, genuine I.T.F. Master with over 35 years experience as an instructor/trainer. He was travelling to UK via Singapore and he took an unscheduled break from his busy travels schedule to visit Island Taekwon-Do Centre to address a group of 30 odd students.

Mr L. K. Chin from Kota Tinggi Taekwon-Do Association (Malaysia) was also preseent to welcome Master Nicholls.

During Master Nicholls’ visit, he spoke of the self and self development as a factor in learning TKD. He highlighted various tenets of the TKD oath and its qualities and to remind everyone that TKD is an art to improve oneself.

Master Nicholls also gave pointers on the finer points of blocks and strikes suggesting that students should focus on their movement to ensure it is fluid and yet lethal. This despite the fact that he came in business attire and not his dobok, showing his passion for sharing his experience and knowledge.

Our local students benefitted greatly from Master Nicholls short demonstration and talk. The students gave Master Nicholls a rousing applause. His visit ends with a photo taking session to conmemorate his trip.

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Written by Mr Tan Suan Hoe, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2007

Annual Taekwon-Do Championhips 2007

On Saturday 23 rdJune, Island TaeKwon-Do Centre/HPPS/HPPA organised its second Annual TaeKwon-Do Championships at Henry Park Primary School. A total of 86 participants enrolled for the various events, comprising of students and parents.

The tournament was graced by Guest of Honour, Mrs. Dorai, Vice Principal of Henry Park Primary School.

The first event was a demonstration performed by a group of skillful black belters. The audience was very impressed by the moves demonstrated by the TaeKwon-Do exponents. The movements were so precise that it is captivated the audience attention.

The Individual and Team Pattern Competition were the first highlights of the day. We saw competitors of all ages demonstrating their TaeKwon-Do skills. Many parents were present to witness their children’s performance. Medals were presented to the winners and thereafter the Sparring Competition commenced. There were many moments of intense and fierce ‘battles’, but never was there a moment that went unnoticed by the watchful eyes of the umpires.

The winners were presented with medals in appreciation of their relentless efforts. The competition ended with a photo-taking session and presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to those who assisted in making this tournament a successful and memorable event.

Written by Mr Alan Fernando, 1st Degree Blackbelt, ITF Singapore
© Island Taekwon-Do Centre 2007

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